Vitamin C in your Skincare

Vitamin C is one of the most popular skincare ingredients in skincare today. If you are not already using it, you will want to add it to your current skincare regimen to start seeing results. Ideally, a serum will give you the best results as it penetrates the skin better than a cream.

It’s popular because of the results that people see using it consistently.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that fights off free radical damage to the skin from things like pollution, alcohol, and sun damage while helping to rejuvenate the skin and speed up your skin’s ability to repair itself.

Free radicals damage the skin, and vitamin c helps improve that damage by increasing collagen production, firmness, and skin elasticity which enhances the look of the skin and heals it.

Collagen is one thing that helps to give your skin a younger-looking appearance. Building more collagen helps to prevent and improve sagging skin. Collagen helps plump the skin and brighten skin tone, giving it more luminosity and hydration, which is also the key to younger-looking skin.

Too much sun causes sun damage and is responsible for hyperpigmentation caused by increasing melanin production in the skin.

Vitamin C helps stop the overproduction of dark spots, brightens the skin, and gives it a youthful glow.

Vitamin C will help brighten skin, improve hyperpigmentation and aging, smooth fine lines, and improve sun-damaged skin.

A few skin types may not like Vitamin C for their skin. If your skin is sensitive, I recommend applying a small amount in an area on the face and checking back after a few days to see how your skin reacted to it. I am a big fan of recommending trial sizes in skincare products for clients. The only downside is sometimes you may not see the full results from the product that way.

Vitamin C can also help fade old and new acne scars by increasing the collagen synthesis in the skin. It can help smooth out the texture of the skin over time.

Glymedplus makes a whole line of Vitamin C products, and there is a product for everyone’s unique skin type. I use the Vitamin C Cleanser, which is for all skin types. It comes in a standard and travel size. If you have a drier skin type, you will love the creamy cleanser, and it’s a great way to start with Vitamin C products.

You will see the best results going straight to the Vitamin C serum, which goes on in the morning after the skin is cleansed and dry. If you choose to try the serum, I would pat it into the skin gently and let your skin absorb it before moving on to your daily sunscreen. For any sensitive skin client, the Vitamin E Sensual Cell Cream is also a great way to go because of the nourishing properties of vitamin e in the product.

I use my vitamin c in the morning under moisturizer or SPF cream. If you want to shop for any of these products, check out the shop tab on my website. If you would like to know more about your skin type and what products you should be using or go over how to incorporate them into your current regimen, then you can book an appointment now for a virtual consult.

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